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I’m glad you stopped by our website! I feel certain you’ll find something of interest to you and your organization as so many other nonprofits have, not just recently but for more than 40 years. So take a look around and see if we can help you grow your donor base, increase your average gifts, reactivate lapsed donors and increase your overall revenue, as we have for nonprofits across the country. We can even provide you with consulting for major donor capital campaigns, phone campaigns, telethons and development audits. Let me hear from you, even if it’s just to say hello!

Paul Fulham, CFRE
Zachry Associates
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Looking for a long-term partner? ZA works with our
fundraising clients on the average of 16 years.

Wanting to surface those donors hiding in your donor base…donors interested in making Planned Gifts, Major Gifts and Monthly Gifts?

Just fill out the information below and I’ll send you a proposal for a mailing we’ve tested that’s sure to turn up donors hiding in your donor base. And they may be the most generous donors you have! The proposal will give you an estimated range for the number of donors who will respond by self-identifying with one or more of the three groups listed above. The mailing will also uncover the number one reason your donors support your organization. And the bottom line is — this direct mail package will make you money. Guaranteed.

Interested? Take 60 seconds to fill in the information below and I’ll get back with a direct mail quote you’ll be pleased with…including the estimated number of hidden donors you’ll surface who will respond as interested in Planned Gifts, Major Gifts and Monthly Gifts.

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Paul D. Fulham, CFRE
President, Zachry Associates

Specializing in providing fundraising programs for clients in the following areas:

Animal Welfare

Arts & Museums

Children's Issues


Food & Hunger



Meals on Wheels Groups


Religious Ministries

Senior Living

Veterans Services

Looking for expertise and experience? ZA’s staff has a combined total of 163 years of hands-on experience in refining and sharpening our expertise in fundraising.


Consider some of these successful efforts, and decide if you can use the same kind of help from Zachry Associates…

  • A direct mail appeal with 113% return and more than $265,000 raised from a major donor segment of 135 donors who made 153 gifts for a regional religious client.
  • Added 1,000 new donors for a social welfare client with an average gift of $98.33 for each of the last three years from an unbeatable donor acquisition control package.
  • An overall combined five-year 39% response rate from a large donor segment of a university-related client.
  • Cost of only $.03 to raise a dollar in an annual fund campaign that raised $2 million. ​The mailing consisted of an initial letter and two follow-up letters to a list of targeted donors and non-donor prospects.
  • More than $660,000 raised from two direct mail efforts for a university client using a unique donor premium that resulted in 2,334 gifts from alumni with an average gift of $282.78.
  • planned giving mailing for a health care-related client generated responses from almost 350 donors and uncovered 15 new will and trust notifications.

We’ve been working with Zachry Associates for 30 years and have seen our results improve tremendously over that time. We have more donors and bigger gifts. Zachry Associates is never short on ideas and they never stop trying to improve results. In addition, I consider them my friends.

Lynn McMillon
President and CEO
The Christian Chronicle


You are undoubtedly well-acquainted with some of your major donors and others who attend your organization’s special events. But what about all those donors you’ve never met, the ones to whom you mail appeals? In these days of intense competition, you need to know who they are!

Would having a donor profile of your donor base help you and your board get a true sense of just who your donors are? Would it help you to know if…

…a large portion of your donors have income-producing assets of $1 million or more?
…the net worth of 20% of your donor file averages more than $500,000?
…many of your donors have an average of five credit cards?

Could you use this information to grow your monthly donor efforts? You can use such a donor profile to find new donors who have similar demographics. And you can get a donor profile report from Zachry Associates in just a few days at a very reasonable cost. We don’t even need the names of your donors or their giving history—just their addresses.

In a matter of days you’ll have a report that will give you valuable and actionable information about your donor base. This is an essential tool you can use to grow your donor base.

Zachry Associates has been doing an outstanding job of telling our story for almost 30 years. They know how to approach our patients and tell their stories in an effective and caring way that makes everyone appreciate their work. Both our patients and donors benefit from Zachry Associates.

Woody Gilliland
West Texas Rehabilitation Center Foundation


Do you have an upcoming annual fund campaign, donor acquisition effort or a major donor mailing that needs proven ideas to help you generate a greater return on your investment? What about a quick turnaround on an appeal you must have in the mail in the next three weeks? We can help!

Just give me a call or send me an email and let’s talk about your needs and how we might work together. I hope to hear from you soon!

Paul Fulham, CFRE
Zachry Associates
Direct Line 325-677-1342 ext.108